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Conquer Customer Success

Customer Success Management represents guiding customers through their journey to success after buying your company’s product or service. More straightforwardly, it means helping the customer achieve their goals and desired outcomes related to the purchased product or service.

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You don’t need a magic trick to find out how I work my magic in and for Customer Success. You just have to ask questions.
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Need some inspo? Here it is:
1. I have THIS situation at the moment. How do I manage it?
2. How do I perform a Success Plan? And when’s the best moment?
3. How do I ask my customers difficult questions?
4. What’s the best way to upsell in CS?
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Do you speak CS?

How to become a Customer Success Manager

A guide for your next career move

by Delia Visan

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Do you speak CS?

Why & How to build a Customer Success in your startup

A guide for CEOs & Customer Relationship Innovators

by Delia Visan

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