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Hi there,

I’m Delia

and, since I can remember, I have been passionate about interacting with other people, learning from each interaction, and sharing knowledge.

Being natively curious, I was always up for challenges and getting out of my comfort zone. This led me to make choices that helped me develop personally and professionally.

After 15 years of customer-facing roles in both corporations, such as Microsoft and Oracle, and start-ups: Glovo and Bright Spaces, I have decided that it is time for me to start helping other people get in the Customer Success mood, either by becoming a Customer Success Manager or by building or innovating the Customer Success Department.

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Work with me

Whether you want to become a Customer Success Manager, build your CS department, or implement CS in your startup, let’s work our magic together!


Read my blog

I have lots of AHA moments that I share on my blog. I dare you to practice your mind-reading skills and get inspired by those learnings, ideas, thoughts, and secrets.


Who this?

There’s a (kind) human behind these pages and these words.

Reach out to discover who this!

Homenum Revelio!