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Do you speak Customer Success?

I do, and it’s one of my favorite languages. It’s the language of care, respect, support, attention, empathy, and kindness.
The details behind the Customer Success concept are as important as the best practices​ shared with examples and real-life scenarios. I use them all as support and learnings in my coaching sessions and my trainings or courses.  

If you like to communicate, help people get successful, build processes and workflows, train and mentor other people, and strategize your next moves while placing kindness as your starting point value, you are in the right place.

What would Delia do?

Pick my brain and find out where the rabbits are

You don’t need a magic trick to find out how I work my magic in and for Customer Success. You just have to ask questions.
Book an appointment with me, and let’s run a discovery marathon in a 45-minute meeting.
Need some inspo? Here it is:
1. I have THIS situation at the moment. How do I manage it?
2. How do I perform a Success Plan? And when’s the best moment?
3. How do I ask my customers difficult questions?
4. What’s the best way to upsell in CS?
Book an appointment!
If you want to 

become a Customer Success Manager

choose from the options below 

Coaching Sessions

One to One

Interview tips & tricks
Panel Interview presentation

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Coaching Sessions

One to Many

Effective Stakeholder Communication
Problem Solving
Innovative Customer Experience

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Online Training

19 video lessons
Cheat sheets

Coming soon
If you want to 

build your Customer Success Department

choose from the options below 


CS Playbook

Organizational needs analysis
Customer portfolio segmentation
Internal and external processes sketch

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Hiring the right people

Interview focus and strategy
CSMs needed skills
CSMs responsibilities 

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Implement CS
in your startup

Identify the “WHY”
Act on the “HOW”
Build the CS Strategy

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